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Abstract objective application of waterproof canvas.

Application performance more considerable product to need professional construction, the waterproof canvas cloth that is so, but different is, due to the unique product performance, therefore the mural wallpaper material manufacturers in the overall construction focus is different, such as printing paper this very unique application of paper, first of all the products in the production method has a certain degree of planning and definitely, and also improve the paper process in the overall construction of observability, the same, the waterproof canvas cloth is the same as the said.
The waterproof quality inkjet canvas, lift support high precision original oil painting reproduction output, texture concave obviously, printing compatibility is strong, bright color, high resolution, good waterproof performance, the short term will not covered outdoor. This product can be used for artistic portrait, antique painting, advertisement presentation graph, commercial and residential indoor decoration, commercial paper cover, A4 desktop printing, banners, banners.
Reasonable selection of canvas frame but also effectively enhance the observability personal portrait decorative effect, therefore in the process of the overall construction of waterproof canvas in the murals, wallpaper materials manufacturers also develop unified constructed many models are not a canvas, thus is effective to enhance the unique application of anti water oil canvas.
Keywords: stretched canvas, canvas base, Shandong oil painting frame

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